About Us
The President of TTA, Maria T. Berkheimer, has over 20 years experience in clinical research development. Maria's resume is extensive both pre- and post- TTA. Prior to clinical research, Maria, was a critical care nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She received her M.S. from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and completed all prerequisite studies for a PhD in Clinical Epidemiology at JHU.  Her last corporate position prior to TTA was Director of North American Clinical Operations for British Biotech.  Prior to joining British Biotech, Maria assumed a clinical management position at North American Vaccine where she built a clinical group and successfully facilitated the transition of domestic and international vaccine studies.  In March 2000, TTA was launched.  Today, TTA is a respected contributor in the clinical research community.

TTA offers an array of specialized services tailored to every Client's individual need. TTA's high quality service and ability to meet and/or exceed Client's expectations and  timelines continue to be a differentiating factor within the industry.  TTA can assemble  a team in collaboration with partner companies to provide complete customized project services matching Client needs. Many Client's are repeat customers and view TTA as a trusted member of their team.

TTA's current employee or clinical research professional turnover rate is < 2%, while the project to project repeat  customer rate is > 90%.




Maria T. Berkheimer, President
6807 New Cut Road
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