Client Benefits
  Consistency:           TTA professionals are dedicated to clinical research and product                                                                              development which reflects in our low turnover rates of  <2%. Our staff
                                            assignments are consistent throughout the life cycle of a clinical project

  Cost EffectivenessTTA professionals are independent contractors allowing us to
                                             provide services without significant overhead.

  Efficient Service:     TTA's size allows us to focus our efforts to meet and at times exceed                                                                        our  Clients' needs and timelines. Our experienced, regionally based CRAs
                                             reduce expenses and provide site support when and where it is needed.

  Experience:             TTA  has an outstanding team of clinical research professionals
                                            with experience ranging from 5 to over 20 years of industry experience. Several
                                            TTA professionals have advanced degrees as well as  relevant
                                            industry certifications.  

TTA participated in clinical trials since March 2000, ranging from Phase I to Phase III and IV domestic and international studies. Some of these studies led to FDA approval.  These clinical projects cover several therapeutic areas that include but are not limited to the following:
  • oncology
  • infectious disease
  • cardiovascular
  • renal
  • central nervous system
  • pain, sedation
  • inflammation
  • vaccines
  • various drug delivery systems (IM, IV, ID, patch, nasal, oral, polymer wafers)


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